Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wingman's Canadian Adventure.....

Wingman with Rick at the Calgary Stampede

Well...Wingman had a nice start to his Canadian Adventure. He enjoyed meeting Rick, seeing the sights of down town Calgary and having his first Indian Meal.

Wingman visiting with a larger stuff moose on the pedestrian mall where he enjoy looking at all of the fine ladies walking around in their short summer outfits.

Wingman gets a small taste of the Calgary Police (Mounties)... Good thing it wasn't from the inside.

Wingman visits his first Wine Bar (Greg, they might be for sale -- realestate in Calgary is a bargain... ask Rick)

Finally, before heading to the airport, Wingman enjoys a large Indian Meal -- hopefully his digestion was better than Jack's....

He then went back to the airport and boarded the bus to Banff. He was riding in a blue plastic bag, along with two new maps (Burma and North Vietnam) and Jack's camera charger. In order to be safe on the bus ride, the bag and Wingman were placed in the seat pocket.... where to this day they RIP..... A search party has been launched and status reports will be posted. Until then, enjoy Wingman's last waking moments. I hope his brother in arms is well and looking forward to Burma.

And this is what Wingman Missed:

Rob still thinks he is in Vietnam and is Hung Long.
And Wingman missed his first Who Concert:

Rodger Daltry.... Performing at the Fairmont Banff Springs...


Papa Leo said...

It appears that the orignal Papa Leo "Wingman" is lost somewhere in Canada.

I am here to report that I have located his brother, in Rach Gia, Vietnam (home of Papa Leo's Wingman).

Once there were 3, now there are two. His name is "Uncle Ho", as in "Ho Chi Minh". I had a search party out for the missing brother and he was located at the market where his two brothers had been waiting for their travels to start.

He is safe and currently traveling in Vietnam incognito until I arrive to collect him for our adventures together.

Uncle Ho says Hello to Greg, Heather and yes, even Jack. He is hoping that there will be a memorial service for his lost brother as he thinks he would have liked that. There should be plenty of alcoholic beverages at the service as Papa Leo's Wingman was accustomed to seeing that at all of the gatherings he attended with Jack's Team.

We should set a date for the "Papa Leo Wingman Memorial Service". Maybe something in Hanoi when we are all gathered together again? Uncle Ho says to let him know and he will be there for sure hoping to see his "Cleveland Wingman Brother".

Uncle Ho sends Heather a big hug and says a big "Thank You" for starting the blog.

Well, Papa Leo signing off for now. Keep the faith, but more importantly, keeping traveling.

Hen gap lai from me and Uncle Ho!

Papa Leo said...

Update on Wingman "Uncle Ho".

He is traveling to Chanto, Vietnam and will see some sites there. He is hoping to have some pictures taken of the outing.

Uncle Ho is happy that he is no longer sitting on the shelf in the market in Rach Gia. He is looking forward to other travels around the world but is happy for now to travel In-Country.

He says Hi to everyone on the Habitat Team and is anxious to meet you in person.

Today he went to an orphanage to visit the children there and spend some time with them. He is thankful for the efforts of everyone who help the poor and build homes for them.

He is also looking forward to all of the good times hanging out with everyone after a hard days work.

Well, all for now. Papa Leo signing out! Hen gap lai!!